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Quarterly & Tri-Annual Cleanup Service.

  • We will  WALK PROPERTY AND CREATE FRONT AND REAR YARD LIST and prioritize those items for the agreed upon hours .
  •  We will perform an irrigation check and give you a written per zone report. 
  • We can provide and apply gro power (nutrient to each plant on property)
  • $50 material cost 
  • Lawn fertilizer extra cost based on lawn size  
  • Hand watering to start ldizzolving in drip areas
  • Roundup sprayed on weeds – low cost 
  • Mulch usually $120 starting  material cost 600 sq feet planter 2″ to 3″ of mulch 
Monthly Maintenance is great, but to truly keep your property at its optimum health, you need more. Trust our experts to provide your property with the extra care it needs to flourish,

True Care


We use the top name brand materials to insure the best results


Our experts know how to perform property tasks for best results.


Lawn Master Cleanup helps to get ahead of situations before they become an issue

Keep It Green

The right nutrients and water are monitored with our Clean up service. Keep everything green and healthy.

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Take care of your investment with our Quarterly & Tri-Annual Cleanup Services.  Schedule today for a worry free property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly maintenance is necessary, but for larger properties that have more plants, more grass, more trees, and more irrigation, you’ll need this cleanup service to stay ahead of things before they become a problem.  

Every property is different so giving a cost without seeing your individual situation isn’t an option.  However, our services are affordable and cost effective.  Our Clean Up Service clients report a savings from getting ahead of issues and keeping things ultra clean.

Typically, this service is best for properties from 1/4 acre to 2 acres in area.  That being said, we can tailor and design a program for your property no matter the size.  Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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