Why A Landscape Designer Is Crucial

Why do you need a landscape professional to help you with your next project?  The answer is pretty simple…experience.  So many home owners make the mistake of piecing together their property in dozens of stages.  They plant azaleas without knowing the proper soil and amendments required to keep the plants healthy.  They often over water or underwater in areas that cause their beautiful garden to die too quickly.  There are a number of variables required to put together a landscape that will not only look gorgeous when it’s planted, but flourish and thrive in the years to come.  


The proper mix of plants, appropriate sunlight vs. shade, soil nutrients, and just the right water will make your landscape happy.. 


Taking into consideration all the factors that a thriving landscape needs is crucial.  You should always think about sunlight, soil, plant genetics, water, and style when designing your landscape project.  Think about these things and build from the ground up.  


Hardscape Vision Is Primary, But Install Your Irrigation First.


When you start your landscape design dream, you’ll want to first get the outline of your hardscape dialed in.  Mow curbs, walkways, stone paths, planters wooden bridges or even a pool…whatever you decide on will be what you plant around these areas. However, before you start laying concrete, you’ll need to plan out your irrigation system.  Laying a sidewalk first could make irrigation lines difficult to install if not impossible.  Zone out your property and make sure you get a handle on laying out your irrigation before installing any hardscape.  You can check out some advice on landscape irrigation tips and advice online to make sure you get this right.  You’ll be glad you did as the process unfolds. 



Once you’ve installed the irrigation system and all the hardscape, now comes the truly magical part.  Picking out your plants and softscape.  Trees, shrubs, roses, bushes, perennials, sod and the orchestra of choices can be overwhelming.  A landscape designer can help you pick the right plants for particular areas that will not only thrive, but give you the look you’re dreaming of.  Different tastes make this the area where you are able to really get in there and make your style your own.  Some people like a look that is completely manicured with no mess – straight lines and nothing out of place.  Others prefer a yard that looks a little thrown together but with a sense of a well thought out plan.  More of a garden feel versus a Disneyland landscape with nothing out of place.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to an empty landscape canvas and making your style your own is actually a lot of fun.



Is a landscape designer and professional necessary to create your outdoor oasis?  Maybe not, but unless you have years of knowledge in the home and garden business, you should definitely consult with one.  The right foliage, irrigation, sunlight, and hardscape can make all the difference in the look of your project 5 to 10 years down the road.  Plus, you’ll get some tips and advice on exactly what plants should go where to make things look right and last.  


The right landscape designer increases your chances of loving the end result and can save you tons of money and headache.  So do yourself a favor and make that step one of your next landscape project.



If you would like more information or have questions about landscape design contact Lawn Master at www.lawnmasteroc.com

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